Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentines Schmalentines


You might have noticed that I hadn't put up a 'Valentines' post on the 14th or mentioned anything about it. Truth is, I love celebrating Valentines day with the gift/card exchange malarky. My Valentines have changed somewhat over the years and I'm sure are set to change some more...

At school we used to send Candy-grams and rose-a-grams with little paper notes attached to our friends/crushes etc etc. I was lucky and always had a few from my friends and proudly walked the halls after receiving my grams armed with my flowers. Once in a blue moon I'd be the happy recipient of a bouquet or two as well so I did pretty well. Then there were the girls who would cart their gifts in buckets (BUCKETS!) back to their lockers giggling and smiling- oh how disgusting! Immediately go back to locker and grab the 5 roses and carry them around all day until they wilt unceremoniously into lunch. bleurgh.

At University my first valentines at Uni I was attached to a boy back home in Brunei and received a gift in the mail. OOh how sweet? Eagerly I opened the box to find a piggy bank shattered into a hundred pieces. 1. A Piggy BANK?!What does that say?'its so you can keep all your change for the washing machine'hmm. Thoughtful. 2. Two words. Bubble. Wrap. One of the boys in my block wasn't doing anything that evening and took me to see some Sandra Bullock film then grab some Indian takeout. Well, more like I dragged him to take me out in my car because earlier on in the day he ran over one of my friends and broke his arm and so didn't want to drive. Aah what a memorable Valentines..

After that initial flop, Kyle managed with my aversion to Valentines and I had two lovely lovely Valentines..

This year I was doing a performance at a venue near Clarke Quay - not so great but it's all experience, right? Between our dry run and actually going on stage we were told we had an hour to grab some food so Kyle and I went to Brewerks. So not really the most romantic place to go but hey at least I wasn't sat in some Indian takeaway checking my car every 5 mins to make sure it hasn't been nicked!

What really irks me these days and always has, are people (generally Bruneian people I know of) who go- why are you celebrating Saint Valentines Day? He is not your patron saint. Who is your savior? You are a bad baad Muslim.

I went out with someone once who said that Valentines was anti-Islam. Hey? You what?! 'Yeah because it was the celebration of someone acting against Islam.'

*slap forehead. I just read this in another Bruneian's blog so I'm venting here a little. Maybe all that time ago it was some deeply religious celebration but now after its been Hallmarked and Rosed to death its lost all religious connotation. So give it a rest folks, its just about getting told that someone fancies your pants, alrighty?

As usual Wikipedia has provided a clue as to why we so enthusiastically celebrate Vday.

To my understanding your relationship with God is between the two of you anything else is just politics. xxw


Blogger Sir Lacksalot said...

You're right....what began as a Catholic religious festival has become truly universal.....and rightly so....what can be more universal than love?

And the cards, the flowers, the chocolates.....even those things will lose their importance over the years....take it from an old fart who learned, fortunately, quite early on:

Candy is dandy.....
But sex won't rot your teeth.

February 19, 2006 12:34 am  

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