Thursday, February 09, 2006

Holiday Blues

Flew back to Singapore on Sunday evening after rushing to the airport with less than an hour until depature time! (totally against my rules of being there 3 hours early!haha) Pretty yucky flight with the turbulance and lady who was being sick everywhere - v unpleasant. At first I saw her in the corner on the gangway to the plane spitting on the floor (!) then fully chucking up in the middle the next minute (!!!) poor girl. So I told the steward as I got on the plane 'The lady there isn't feeling well she's been sick' (not realising he may not have understood the term being sick). To which he just nodded his head and told me to move on. Being my mothers daughter- the following thoughts went through my head:

1. That lady is chucking up.
2. Is she drunk?
3. or worse, ill? flu perhaps?
4. flu?! BIRD FLU??!!""£*&Q*365&R$!!
(sirens sounding in time with the terbulance)
5. flu+sick lady of oriental origin+recycled air=oh. crap.

at this point the slighly more rational, laid back half of my brain kicks in.

6. oh its okay. she's all the way over there and we're all the way back here. (like thats going to make a difference!)
7. she doesn't speak english - doesn't mean anything she could be from anywhere. plus she would have gone through the health screen at the airport (hyperchondriac widari says 'health screen at brunei airport?yea rite')
8. its okay its okay. reassure self that sick lady is far far away.
9. besides she might just be drunk.

then what happens? sick lady is sick some-more and chucks up in the aisle. (THE AISLE!!!) then steward moves her next. to. us.


Yeah so I'm sat at home this fine thursday morning after having raging headaches and sore belly since monday.


Oh, and as usual had fun at the immigration counter at the airport before getting on the plane:

passes over both passports with all relevant documents and permit cards included.
man hands back kyle's followed by his passport saying 'you should not put your green card in here'
yes. yes we won't do it again.
man gives me back my passport.
step aside. I give it a quick check. where's my green card?!
Err. excuse me you still have my work permit.
man: next time jangan kau biarkan kad ani dalam passport (don't you leave your card in your passport.rude)
me(before he finished his sentence): next time you should give back the passports as they are. (said in malay but I couldn't do a literal translation which sounded right)

ok ok shouldn't have snapped back I guess, but the man was so bloody rude. If i hadn't asked for my work permit back I'd be standing at the immigration counter at CHangi like a lemon who lost the one document which allows me to travel and stay freely in and out of the country.

SO yes, a lovely end to my week and a half holiday.


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