Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh man, Tioman!

Friday night we got home from work and realised. Oh crap. We have 5 days until we fly to Brunei and haven't made any plans!? It was chinese new year that weekend so everywhere was bound to be shut until wednesday.

Called all the cheap hotels in Bintan with no luck.

Called all the not so cheap hotels in Bintan with less luck.

Tioman? Tioman is a little island situated just off the east coast of Peninnsular Malaysia and is a local dive fave. Some coral, nice fish - why not eh?

So Tioman here we come! WooHOO.. oh wait.. how do we get there?

CAlled back the lady in Tioman. err.. how do we get to Panuba? (name of the resort)

So yes, Saturday morning Kyle called the bus company to try and get us to Mersing which is where the ferry leaves to get to Tioman. But alas, no luck. cry cry cry.

I was still at dance practice that morning so finally met up with Kyle for lunch around 1. Slumped in our seats - how do we get there?! At that point we thought we might have to cancel our holiday.

To cut a longer story short this is how it went:
1. at 5 walked through the park behind the house to get to the KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) train station to catch the 630 train to Johor Bahru.journey time=45mins.
2. Reached Johor majorly hungry so had some quick food which brought us to about 8.
3. Hailed a taxi to take us to Mersing. journey time=2 hours in the scariest car ride I have ever been on.
4. Checked into a rest house at about 11 in dirty dirty Mersing.
5. Got up a few hours later at 5 to catch the 630am ferry to Tioman. Journey time=4 hours


This is the same view from our balcony at Panuba taken at different times of the day. My fave was the paddle pop sky.

A sexy sexy photo I took of Kyle at sun set. He's such a poser and easy to photograph I love it!

This was taken on Muara Beach in Brunei while Kyle was kiting. It took a few tries for me to get a good shot while keeping my distance in case I got landed on but this is my fave of the set.

I Love lazy holidays. Even if we had to work to get there. xxw


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