Monday, February 13, 2006

13th February

WooHooo so its my birthday today and I am now a whopping 22 (!!!)

The first half of the day is already gone and spent mostly in this stinky office but hey, its O.K. I ain't that fussed..

But after 6 there's no stopping me!! I'm going to rip up the town on this fine monday bling bling stylee just to show everyone else who is boss. Parade all 5'3'' of my fine self down Clarke Quay to the theme tune of Sex in the City or Bold and the Beautiful- you choose. My life is a musical, don't you know?
OoOoh then I'm going to eat caviar and smoke a cigar and lavish in my newly established 22-ness. 21? Oh don't be so yesterday DAH-ling. I'll then meow my way through mindless conversation about so-and-so's new found hobby and how our yoga classes are getting too crowded with creatures from the great unwashed. tut tut rah rah.
And then I'm going to go to MoS where all fancy and chic young hotties go to shake their booties, the DJ is going to play 'my song' which I announce to the crowd and dance on the podium then get asked to join the VIP party in the VIP room with all the VIPs doing things that VIPs do. By this time they'll crown me Queen and awe in my presence. RRarrr..Watch me go!

... but then...

... its monday... then I suppose that means tomorrow is tuesday...

*sits down again like an old biddy with my mug of tea and chocolate digestives*

Desperate Housewives anyone? xxw


Anonymous EmmaGoodEgg said...

You are too funny Charlie Brown <--That's your abang speaking :) We are loving your blog. Its a daily read for us nowadays.

Have a swell-a-rama Valentine Widari & Kyle.

Love from home, Abang Izad & Kak Hani

ps/ My attempt at blogging attached. Its been defunct since Sep 05, but will revive it soon enough..mebbe.

February 14, 2006 11:10 am  
Blogger Widarchitect said...

hahaha.. good to know I can count on you guys to up that new counter I put in! *pumps fist in air-score*
happy reading+hugs xxw

February 15, 2006 1:58 am  

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