Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lose a couple pounds and a leg to boot.

I saw this picture in the paper while waiting for my lunch. I've seen it around on the MRT and other places but I never noticed that the model has one leg. You don't have to look carefully - the silhouette isn't even there. The angle of the shot means you should be able to see the outline of her other leg just off her leg in the forground-no? You can see quite clearly her left breast so how come not her left leg? I can just imagine the editors now: Lets call them Jack and Mac.

Jack: Aiyo, Mac this picture ah. She must look skinny skinny one.
Mac: Eh Brader- she not bad meh.
Jack: Still TOO F A T (after dismembering her photoshopically) How about now?
Mac: WAH SOOooo f*ing hot man.

Every other page in the newspaper screams at you to slim down and trim that waistline. HAs Singapore's obsession with staying skinny gone so far as to getting rid of limbs? ok ok ok ok, taking it a bit far there- because I suppose the perfect profile of the model appreared skinnier hence they photoshopped leftie out, better for the ad yada yada yada. For those of you who don't live here, watch this space. For those of you who do - you already know what I'm talking about, you just don't realise it.

Call me obsessed with detail but everytime I see this image of the perfect body I can't help but want to pencil in her other leg back to where it normally would be. Esp when you can see her left arm...

Being a part of the minority of the female population here with an average figure a s opposed to tofu and bones, hence the target of all the slimming marketing campaigns, I'm quite used to the unwanted attention from those people handing flyers in the street. I love my body thank you and I'm working on it! wait- how much are those pills again?! WHAT?! no. no. love. body. bye bye.


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