Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Felice Varini

Anyone who has been following my posts might notice the 'My Pick This Week' under the Art and Architecture header in the side bar. Unfortunately this has been somewhat neglected as my blog has been over the past couple weeks or so while I've been busy with work and dance.

Its changed now to an artist Abang Izam introduced me to and I can't help going through each of the works one by one as soon as my concentration levels dip. I suppose you could take his work for its face value and see that all he's done has played with perspectives and views. Then again you can see that he's carefully thought about the architectural space (or so he says he has!) and singled out a particular vantage point from which 'function(s) as a reading point, that is to say, as a potential starting point to approaching painting and space'. You might say that this singular 'point' is forced upon the viewer and that is almost to say that there really is perhaps only one way/direction to which you should view a piece of art/architecture? I hope not. Although once seen from other angles his compositions take on another life in the same way a pie base is spread into its dish takes on a new shape and form. But to discuss this in terms of pie is silly and brash really. However, he does acknowledge the dynamism his pieces inherit from movement. The works appeal to me is from that aspect really, the movement of the static pieces. Well, apart from the sheer aesthetic value of seeing a circle being smudged along the intricate crevices of the architectural mouldings of course? Who wouldn't see that and think- 'how did he do that?!' A response often given after seeing an optical illusion which is sometimes all this is really..

The scale is another thing. A little tedious and samey as far as we know here but he has done a few city scapes which I think would be great fun to see and try to figure out the vantage point and then go 'hah! found it!'

To critique somthing that I have never experienced is grotesquely misguided and I'm a little ashamed to have indulged myself so much already. Still, I have my opinions on what I see and so here is a really simple one but probably my fave.

But, to discuss and analyse something to death is so dull. Have a peep yourself.


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