Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Rain in Spain...

This morning I noticed this month's Architectural Record is sat (sadly, unread) in the table in the centre of our chamber in the office. Someone takes a quick glance through the articles then laughes out loud. I look over and she's pointing at Jean Nouvel's new Agbar tower in Barcelona showing it to someone else who, in turn emits such an offensive noise, I cringe out loud.

How dare she?! How dare they laugh at the Demigod that is Atelier Jean Nouvel? I'm not a follower, but the respect is very much there.

OK. With the combined maturity of a 10 year old boy who giggles uncontrollably as soon as someone mentions willies and whatnot, you can see perhaps the reasoning (if any) behind their blasphemous behavior. Such a great big piece of phallic architecture rising so gloriously into the Barcelona heavens to greet Mr. Gaudi himself, say?

There is no denying the reference I suppose as we are all only human and maybe, all closet perverts. It is a giant willy in the sky as many many other 'great' male architects so enjoy parading. So, know what? Good on him approaching this building with a little humour (JN's other works aren't exactly whimsical in my books).

Good on him cocking his architectural hind leg and claiming his teritory.xxW


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