Friday, February 24, 2006

Someone feed my brain please?

RIBAbookshop are tired of getting my phone calls. They're also very tired of getting my emails.
Something about delievering to Singapore from the UK is tricky so I've been at Borders and Kino pretty much every other weekend treating it like a library.

My bookshelf at uni buckled under the weight so I resorted to piling my books on the floor. My cat Molly has a problem with sitting on the floor so he'll sit on whatever is covering the floor like, oh say, my brand new 50 quid print, my canvas, my freshly painted canvas, my books, my foot. etc etc. You might say Molly has cold little paws. The same cold little paw prints on my new 10 x 10 !!!!

Our little bookshelf here however, is crying for attention. We use the bookshelf to divide the room and it has a grid of smaller shelves about 300 x 300 mm. Sadly, the books we have fill up two of those spaces and my copies of AR are so dog-eared they're twice the size they came in the post.

Please please send me something to read!

xxW p.s the books above are available on amazon!


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