Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pete Harrison

Check out the link for My Pick This Week. The guy is fresh out of uni and is a freelance designer with his own clothing brand. Check out what he says about his course as well because, well it made me want to go and do it!

Most of the stuff is super pretty and not dissimilar to many of the other young digital artists out there. V v commercial and MTV-ed to the Max but you have to start somewhere if you're trying to make a living huh? In his portfolio under prints there are two which I think are his best and also least, I dunno, club flyer-ish? Bubble Gum which he made for his sister as well as Session 150k is lovely.

The figures and style he's into aren't new but he really does do them very well I think.

I guess the fact that he is the same age as me and looks like he's doing well what with working with all those famous names, is the real reason why he's up there! Oh and not to mention the shout out in this months Computer Arts...

No no no scrap the whole thing, forget what I said. The truth is, is I'm just jealous. The artsy bastard. Check it out and buy the t-shirt people! xxW


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