Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pencil on a String

It was my friend Senthil's leaving party on the weekend at his house. I haven't seen the guy since school and it was really good to catch up a little seeing as I also used to bully the hell out of the poor guy way back when.

At school Senthil was going out with Nawrase. They were the funniest couple and everyone always ripped the shit out of poor Pencil (Senthil) for being such a softie with Nawrase and that she could lift her finger and he'd come a runnin. Here's a common scene from our old Design Tech days:

In class Nawrase suddenly gets up and storms out the room.
Blam! goes the door and a hush comes over the noisy class. Whats up with her? Ah well back to work.. dum de dum..
20 seconds pass and Senthil goes running out the door after obviously upset Nawrase.
Me: Guess the leash wasn't long enough.

Hahaha.. mean I know but for some reason that little story stuck. xxw


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