Monday, February 20, 2006


Call it worship of a human figure. Call it idolisation. Call it what you like you hypocritical bastards but this man- is a LEGEND (I thought GOD might be a little strong, after all there's only One ArchiGod. Scroll all the way down)

I opened up my mail box today and found that OMA (Office for metropolitan Architecture) principled by none other than Rem Koolhaas himself are looking for architects. I almost cried if it weren't for the rude - 'gimme three copies of the xx project' phone call.

He visited Singapore recently and I wanted to see if I could spend a few hours in the afternoon at his lecture and what did I get? What for you want to go see his lecture?! So boring one?! **sigh** Get me back to Uni or I shall forever be condemned to living my days one reflected ceiling plan at a time.

Above are a few snapshots from arcspace of my fave Koolhaas projects.


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