Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Went to watch Hostel last night after much deliberation as to whether we really needed to go home and face more packing. Not that there is that much left to do.. just that huge pile of papers on the dining room table and stuff like that. *eyuck*

SO Hostel. WE knew it was going to be good seeing Tarantino's name was on the poster (although he is only 'presenting' the film-wtf does that mean?) and it was R21. Now we figured, ah should be okay. This is Singapore.. there will probably be a few shots of boobs and rude words but nothing that would be an R21 anywhere else.

Boy were we wrong.

THere are three distinctive parts to the film, the first being lots of boobs and beautiful women (at this time the guys sat next to me were delving into their subways a little too noisily for my liking), the second was the boring bit with the main characters just partying and you know something bad is going to happen and the last is, well... lets not spoil it shall we? Go see the film.

If you liked Audition, Battle Royale (and not for the Japanese school girls okay), Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. Go see the film.

Probably not the wisest choice of film before we head out into unknown terrritory in Sri Lanka. Just a teeny bit paranoid of skantily dressed women now. hAHHA.. xxW


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