Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Locked out

Yesterday was the last day Kyle's dad and sister Ashleigh were in Singapore. So they decided to catch a couple of hours in the sun at Sentosa before flying in the evening. It started to get pretty overcast at around 230 so I figured they were going to make their way home.

Kyle rang me around 3 saying that they were locked out of the flat! (slap forehead) but it wasn't because they'd forgotten they keys- the key wouldn't work. And being..well.. me. This is the sequence of thoughts in my head:

1. Gaaah. This wouldn't have happened if I was there.
2. OH GOd. Maybe its because someone has picked the lock?
3. is there someone in the house?
4. maybe they should check the windows from outside?
and on and on..

Well to cut a longer story short I came home at 6.15 to find them still sat outside the door with an uncle hammering his way through our door! We're talking throwing the entire weight of his body on our door here- he was only wee too!

And Kyle's dad and sister were due to fly that evening so you can imagine how worried they were becoming when they saw me come home from work..

OH well, we have a shiney new door handle and lock so all is not lost eh? xxw


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