Sunday, April 23, 2006


So we went around the shops today trying to find some stuff we might need-trying to find a camping shop. But no luck so we decided just to wander around taking photos. Got to the new library which is really quite beautiful.
This is the view looking up the atrium into the skylight. We looked like right contry bumpkins going wooooo waaaaahhh at the atrium. AHhahaHHAha...went all the way to the highest floor we could and took the lift down (which made my legs feel funny). Here comes return of the Kampung Girl.
The facade of a newly built toy museum down a small street away from the library.. Its made up of lots of individual glass panels which I thought looked naff until I took this picture.
Oh and Kyle by a weird barrel sculpture thing in Suntec City... aah don't you just love sundays? xxw


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