Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh Happy Days

Okay thought I'd post some photos in light of my last day at work and looking forward to living life again ;)

Took Kyle's dad for Sushi for the first time (well, you can't really count the sushi boxes from M&S as legit sushi now can you?) It was doing that thing it does when it rains PROPERLY in Singapore. And yes, at this point I'm taking the photo drenched.
Saw this Ship from Sentosa's Siloso Beach the next day and thought - Wow.. I knew Singapore was small but you'd think they would make room for their Ministry of Law-no? HAhahA..
Fatty Puss goes Happy Clappy with the sight of Paella for her belly. Oh yes.see the difference from the last time? AHHAHA... just love Pure.

How beautiful are these kids-ey?

I'm in such a good mood today I love you all. xxW


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