Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Overdue nothing and everything post

I've started my day in the worst way possible. Woke up too late and realised that I hadn't heard my alarm then rushed as fast as I could to get to work only to find some petty petty behaviour that made me want to hurl.

I sat there pretending to listen to the drivvel that I so despise so now I simply have no motivation to do anything.

But lets not whine shall we?

After all, this is my last week! I have sooooooooo much to plan after Friday its not even funny. So, in true Widarchitect style I'm making lists of things to do. As long as I can remember I've always made lists. Perhaps its a girly thing to do? Before Diva left for England for the first time we made brilliant lists. Liiike.. Fave food, music we listened to at the time, boys we liked+boys we hated.. ahhaha.. how lovely and simple things were then. I still find that box now and again that she had entrusted me with and read our lists.

Quite often I read things like old essays and stories I wrote as a child or in school and it always amazes me how the words sound like they have come from someone else. I suppose to an extent thats true, because we are different people from when we were running around with all the stregth we could muster from our 3 foot tall bodies.

mm.. i haven't written a nothing post in a while so indulge me while I ramble.

I'm listening to the Shins-Pink Bullets at the moment which is beautiful. Been listening to a lot of dylan covers lately as well - there's something about listening to voices who aren't trying to sound 'perfect' or trying to do vocal acrobatics. The same goes for lyrics - I just can't stand listening to all the hoo-haa 'i love you to the moon and back' kind of malark. Its just tiring. Its like you can tell the songwriter was trying to be deep-oh-so-deep and it just comes off as being naive and teenage for wont of a better word.

I think it must be in retaliation from the crap thats been burning my ears the past few days when I'd forgotten my headphones. The soundtrack goes a little like this:

9-12 J-pop Hour with tinkle dinkle riffs 5 note songs and lyrics I cannot understand.
1-3 Crazy Hour anything goes! Woo go mad because we've got a mix of KennyG, Avril and anything and everything tenth-rate in between.
3-6 Not-so-happy Hour- It goes down a notch and amazingly so does the music (can it go ANY lower?!) I'm talking Celine Dion, Mariah (sorry Hal!!)- in this case its ALWAYS Hero (Widarchitect tears hair out and stuffs in ears), Barbra Streisand (is that how you spell it?) and the like.

Crawl out at six to stop ears from bleeding rush home for some Audio therapy.

Okay okay a little over the top. I understand that everyone has different music tastes and I repect that Barb and Kenny have their respective followings. BUT pLEASE oh PLEASe oh PLEASE don't impose it on anyone else. Go buy yourselves some cheap-o headphones and shove em where the sun don't shine. Alrighty?

Enough now. xxW


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