Wednesday, April 19, 2006

11pm Pizza and Porfolio Printing

I'm exhausted. And I've been almost sat in this same spot for almost 6 hours! My landlord rang today saying he wanted to show people around our house since we're vacating the place next week. I told him that today was a really bad day since we had been packing last night and the place is a huge mess. I mean we've got clothes on the floor in piles according to colour, last night's 11pm pizza on the floor, our passports are just on the coffe table... AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh What a bloody mess! Ahem. So anyway I told him today was a bad day blah blah blah, and he said okay. He then proceeded to call me back saying 'how about after lunch?'

roll up blinds, open shutters, wave turrah, jump out window onto boss' lexus.

THing is, he's such a nice guy I just didn't have the heart to tell him no again. So Kyle did it for me.

So went to the printers at lunch to get my portfolio printed out.. wallet says *ouch* but at least thats done.. hopeful thinking perhaps that someone will want to see them but hey. going to have to leave them with dad to send to unis who reply (oh please people who are reading this pray that I'll get into Uni..) as I think might mash up my pretty prints at the bottom of my backpack. AHhaha.. can just imagine tutor lady opens up my portfolio package and sri lankan..oh i dunno.. butterflies come out, and a half crumpled porfolio emerges with my boot prints on. Perhaps that will make it stand out?

*hugs* for Diva who is not having much fun in not-so-sunny London.xxw


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