Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A little in-between

Its three more days until I finish work and I'm going crazy. We're on the home stretch here team so the finishline is in clear view. Which is why I'm going a little ga-ga with all the things I should be doing instead! oh dear oh dear oh dear..

I started packing last night. The usual stuff I take on our long trips so that was pretty easy and my backpack was only half full so plenty of space for SHOPPINK! Dusted of my old faithful camera.. aah it feels good again.

I hope I can travel more often when I'm older with more money to splash around. Although having said that I hope I don't become someone who won't go to some remote and desolate place just in case I won't get 5 star service. I've been to some dives so I think I know what I can handle. I think the perfect combination would be to travel around as much and cover as much of the world I can to come back to a city or civilisation where i can get that 5 star service, scrub up and look decent again. Well at least for a little while-eh? Even I don't fancy looking like a filthy tramp the whole time!

So here's my list for today:

Things I'm going to miss about Singapore:

1. Our flat. Even with its peeling ceilings and 'wet rooms'AhhAHHAhAHA...
2. Wakeboarding. Need I say more?
3. The FOOD. Nothing particularly fancy or special really. I'm going to miss having fish and chips before a movie at Cafe Cartel, greasy breakfast at Irish pub-Dubliners, Burgers on the beach at Costes, Sushi til we burst at Sushi Tei, TAndoori and cheese Murtabak at 3am at Spize, Saturday lunches at IndoChine watching the people go by and my calm-down lunches at Whatever Cafe...
4. The drink! Happy Hour at New Asia, Fres Oren Ju-Appe'Ju Man at the hawkers, Milo dinosaur at Spize..
5. Friends! but thats another post altogether.
6. Arab Street/Bussorah Street. Funky shops and food galore.. Shisha, mint tea and awesome musicians at Samar Cafe.


Blogger Miss Satanica said...

aaaaaaaapple juice. aaaaaaaaapple juice. a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaaaaaappple juice. WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

April 19, 2006 7:25 am  

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