Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cutting the long story short.

So its been a while.

Lots has happened since I last wrote an entry I wouldn't know where to begin. I suppose where I left off is a good place, so here goes.

So we've left Hikkaduwa on another trip except this time up into the ancient cities in the Noth-Central Province. We were quoted US$320 each for three nights accomodation and a driver for the trip. So being tight-fisted as we have become I said 'Sod it, lets take the bus.'

We started at Anuradhapura where we stayed at a little guesthouse just outside the ruins of the ancient city. Granted, it wasn't our first choice and decided to take up the offer of the tuk-tuk guy to stay at his 'uncle's' place. The way it works is that he takes us to a guesthouse of his choice and he gets a nice little commision in return. Which made feeling guilty about giving him the Rs10 to drive us a few hundred meters down the road from our original guesthouse a little less so.

One of the friends, Nilantha, we had made in Hikkaduwa lives in Anuradhapura took us around the sites and temples. Nilantha and his wife later invited us to their house for lunch the following day to meet their kids. It turns out that that day was one of the most memorable of the entire month and if we had gone back to Columbo that night I wouldn't have felt like I had missed a thing not carrrying on and going to see the other ancient cities.

But I digress, so off we went to Pollonaruwa. The guide book listed a place that was run by a Malay guy, so, craving a little Nasi Lemak and Rendang we went off in search of some truely spicy Malay curry. I'm not trying to sound like a guide book or anything like that, but that guesthouse was the nicest, cleanest and most friendly of the places we stayed at during the four nights we ended up spending up there. Sadly we weren't met with oodles of Nasi Goreng and Ayam Percik which I have to admit, was craving for.

Hopping between towns on the bus we finally stopped at Dambulla before heading back to Columbo the following morning at a place called Little Dream. It was set into the jungle a tiny house with a couple of extra rooms set up in the garden it was perfect. Although.. in true girly style, I was not very happy at the sight of not one but a family of house frogs. The number quickly multiplying every time I flushed the loo since more would spill out. Perhaps I was gettting closer to nature than I was prepared to. Still, I think the photos will be able to explain better than I ever will, so I'll leave that for later.

Not wanting to spend much time in columbo we arrived back the day before leaving to the airport, managed a few souveniers from Odel, met a legend (thats another story altogether!) and sat in the Cricket Club Cafe. We'd done what we came here to do. xxw


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