Friday, May 19, 2006

Chasing tales

So I suppose I could go on and on with this debate. Should we have stopped? Shouldn't we?

I read in horror that I may have appeared to be waving a flag claiming that I'm helping this that or other and read my entries again. I suppose if you were to read the entries with a scowl on and have previously made up your mind about the author, then yes. Take that flag down you! I hear you cry.

To someone who has obviously been here alot longer than I have, and I'm certain has a lot more experience in this field than both me and my travelling companion have combined - we appear like right idiots. Newbies in fact we are.

Perhaps with a little age and grace shall we acquire the aire of a veteran?

Such that is the nature of blogging and the reaccounts of a persons day that it cannot be helped that I might pepper my daily entries with things that happen or what we are doing on site. After all, I'm on holiday-no? If that should be seen as indiscreet, perhaps I should no longer write what we get up to. But luckily for me and perhaps my handful of regular readers, thats you mum, I cannot take everyones opinions so seriously.

I have been mulling over what galleblog said about it and yet I cannot see how we could have stopped to talk then sped away. Because where I come from, when some dude in uniform tells you something, you listen, and follow. He tells you to stop, you stop. He tells you you need to pay a fine, so you reluctantly pay. If you realise too late that no such fine exists then... Tough. End of story.


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