Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vesak weekend pit-stop

Post By Kyle
So, there we were racing along the coastal round winding our way through the no mans land between Galle and Mirissa when up ahead we see a Police road block. With an immediate pang of anxiety I saw a gloved hand raise and was summoned to stop; 'licence ... papers'. Uuh uum ok, feeling for my wallet with the full knowledge that I didnt posess a full licence- ceylon, international or otherwise, but handed over what I had none the less preying for the language barrier to conceal this fact. Well, it didn't and I was escorted to a secluded spot for interrogation, I remained calm and jovial explained from where I came, where I was heading and why all the time smiling and hoping that my friendly demeanor and several non subtle references to the Tsunami volunteer work I was doing would be enough to secure my safe passage. However, again I was wrong and typically the topic of conversation swiftly turned to the level of renumeration my crime required. As they explained I continued to request official reciept of my 'fine' and as innocently as possible asked if I should sign in their official book, I was now into the finer haggling points of bribing two police officers. They began to become tetchy 'I AM POLICE OFFICER, HE POLICE OFICER ITS OK, OK' So OK I said and openly threw down notes on the table to the sum of around $5 US a fifth of what they asked. A hat quickly covered the money and the two men looked a sideward glance at each other, at which point I was sure, if hadnt of been entirely a moment ago, that this was indeed a bribe rather than a fine. Thus, I said ok and walked a way having given only 500 Rupies instead of 2500 and averted a possible ugly situation. If only such situations were as easy to solve in the UK.


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HELLO KYLE!!! hehehehehe! how nice to see you posting here too! :D i hope you two are taking care of yourselves!!

many love,

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