Thursday, May 11, 2006

In search of the Holy Curry Trail.

I decided that I had to write a completely other post for food here. Simply because I like food. And here we have the Fatty Puss that is me.

So I love curry. Hot, Sweet, Green, Vegetarian curry you name it, I love it. So since KN mentioned the eggplant curry I have been eating every brinjal in sight - as I so highly regard her taste in food. But alas, I have yet to sample it curried.

The guest house we've been put up in has quite a few European and American guests. Last week, it was buffet week and the he who snoozes-loses rules apply. And to my utter dissappointment, not a curry leaf was in sight. Although.. some 'sambol' and 'rotty' appeared at breakfast one morning which I happy devoured, and so the next day sone milk rice and fish curry materialised making Kyle and I happy happy workers that day.

We've eaten out twice since being here at two very different establishments and, so far, all I can say is that the seafood is super fresh (like you know if its a little slow, its because they are still getting it out of the net) and often done Chinese style (what? no lobster curry?!!) in a (super)sweet and (super)sour sauce.

So after hassling the restaurant staff, we'd swindled some curry and rice a couple of lunch times. Today over our rice and curry, we got talking to a lady called Jo who is staying at the same hotel, with her 88 year old mother on tow. She's building a village here - and I thought we were trying to do something good! hahah... Check out her website. And if you are one of her volunteers from last year who stole all her equipment - shame SHAME on you. More on that later once I pry her for some more info.

But for now, on to the Holy Curry Trail I go.xxw


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