Monday, April 10, 2006


Flew home on Friday which seems like a whole week ago. Its always nice coming home where there are always people around the house and you don't have to worry about things like transport!!

So had dinner with everyone on Friday night at our house which was the first time Kyle's parents met the whole MacBahrin clan haha.. Spent the evening chatting and drinking cups of tea outside by the pool which was lovely because as usual both my Dad and Barry had plenty of stories to tell.

Checked Kyle's parents into the Empire hotel on Saturday and the rest of the day went to baking in the sun getting suitably burnt. Saw an old friend there who seems to get more beautiful every time I see her! gaahhH.. there is me in my sand stained yellow bikini with my jungle girl hair.. *cringe* and there is she with fab fab hair and perfect skin. Must remember to buy new swimsuit. Yes. That swimsuit now is bane of my life.

So that evening had dinner at Spaghettini's where the four of us sat as red as the table cloth - hAhahHAHAha - had a good laugh and plenty of banter as they played pass the b-a-b-y.

BUT OH MAn. Getting home to Singapore was one HELL of a trek. Went like this:

Empire hotel to Riviera Hotel In KUala Belait (car-drive):1hr30mins
Stopped for Lunch:1hr 30mins
Riviera-cross border to Miri Airport (bus): 1hr30mins
Miri Airport to Johor Bahru Airport (plane): 1hr55mins of scarey rattly plane ride.
Johor Bahru Airport to KTM train station (taxi): 45mins
KTM+waiting time to Singapore: 2hr30mins
Walk home: 10mins.

Its Monday and I'm knackered. Pictures soon. xxw.


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