Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Current distaste for architecture.

I'm purturbed. At the risk of sounding like a wine spitting ponse. I'm purturbed.

It says here: Please indicate what architectural issues interest you and why you wish to pursue them at the **.

Gnash teeth. Blank stare, slumped shoulders and you have me pinned.

How am I supposed to write that? Architecture interests me alright - although I would never have used that word- but I mean, ALL of it does. I'm supposed to pick out a couple issues and write about them in the space of 12 inches on this A4 sheet - that interest me. I'm devoting my life to architecture - you'd think that it would do more than interest me.

Okay so I did the whole beginning, middle and end bit that they teach you at school and it didn't work. I did the whole okay - I'm going to be precise and wrote it out in points - thing and that didn't work either.

Can I not say :
Oh GOD please let me in. I'm a starving architect pleading you mr.admissions officer to let me in and please please get me out of my 9-6 as its sucking my brain so dry I could not write a proper personal statement. I'm no longer the carniverous architecture student waiting to sink my teeth into some old Corbu or snort some 100 units of Archigram. Instead I come to you a jaded smalley tired of being told to be lousy on purpose. Instead I come with this transcript gripped in my cold fingers to thrust it in your direction so that you might consider my plea for asylum.

The tangled mess that occupied the space in between my ears has now been undone and folded neatly. The space is vacant and disconnected to the rest of my body which still courses with the hope of real stimuli. I lied to them. I don't care much for overplanning and the social engineering that happens in this place. The tree-lined streets just out of reach of the masses cause them to claw and swipe their way through to the shiny lights of the designer bungalow. They relish the thought of freedom into the prison of the material world. A prison where the inmates vex each other on by the size of their balls. The ones that are on their chains that is.

My preoccupation with my position in the architectural discourse that I so love has been diluted down to the break between C.S.I and a re-run of friends. I suddenly care about things I have no interest in and can live happily without- it disgusts me. So therefore please kind mr.admissions officer let me in so that I no longer have to live my days pursuing a life I don't want. one. 150dots.per.inch. at a time.

Or go the other route?

I like:
  • Architecture
  • Architecture with a conscience
  • Architecture for those with pensions
  • Architecture that is mine
  • ...wine
  • The arhitecture of huts
  • (hate) being an architecture slut. (to family: do not be alarmed, that only means doing this solely for personal gain/money - although the personal gain thing is kind of true)
  • in fact the thing i really like
  • is to be admitted into your university so please please cut the crap and recognise the talent-yo!


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