Saturday, March 11, 2006


Living in South East Asia's arguably most expensive city is madness. Trying to find somewhere cheap and fairly nice was pretty hard to begin with too. After battling with the most unhelpful, unreliable, money-grabbing estate agent we managed to find a place with a nice landlord, close to work and within our budget- which he was reluctant to show us in the first place!
The reason why I'm posting this is, I suppose, because we're due to leave in about 6 weeks time and I'm going to miss our wee flat. The first time my mum came over to stay the night at our place was the second night we'd moved in. After camping out for a week in a hotel room in Chinatown that was the size of the bed, the abundance of space was met with an explosion of the bags in the spare room. So you can guess what might have happened with my dear mum.

tut tut dust dust so untidy.. You have to laugh really..

I suppose the idea of work and living in a chic little city like Singapore is paired with the ideal of living in a shiny new condo in Orchard with a pool and barbeque pit. The closest we have to that is the mushy grass between our building and the next and the paper-money burning pit I can see from my window. Still, how many people in Singapore can say they can get up just over an hour before work starts, take a leisurely walk over and stop for breakfast on the way? The beautifully restored shophouses are fantastic and I hope to own one some day, so I'm definately going to miss walking past them every day. Anyway, here's a peep into my flat.


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