Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A new cafe has opened up round the corner from my office which I walk past everyday. The sign says that its a Vienese Coffeshop and Roastery in pretty curly letters a la Klimt. Its a lovely change to the nasty 'men's clubs' and 'pubs' (which are really dirty bars) that saturate the area.

Its on the traffic light between Neil Road and Cantonment Road so outside is quite busy. Although once you step inside, the atmosphere is completely different with its marble topped tables and dark wood furniture. Its quite narrow being in a shophouse though they've used the high ceilings to their advantage and placed strategically angled mirrors that give the space some definition without closing it in.

The staff are helpful and the manager takes the time to go round the tables and talks to everyone. The last time I was there I had a honey affogatto which was a shot of espresso poured into a honey lined espresso cup ontop of a scoop of honey ice cream, and the manager took the time to chat to me that he had stolen the recipe from Paul Basset (that barister on telly) to make the Honey ice cream.

So today I went in already looking forward to my honey affogatto and the place was rammed! As soon as I came through the door I was met with the manager (must get his name!lets call him George?) who looked so dissapointed to see me! So George turned around looked through the cafe and asked his staff whether there were any seats available for me (just me!) and said after he was so very sorry and that he'd never had to turn anyone away for being too full before but he'd have to. awww..

'Okay then' I said, so turned around to make my way to another place to eat and he said in his very european accent that he was once again very dissapointed and hoped that I was not too upset. I joked and said 'no its quite alright I'll come back another time..although I'm a little upset that I've missed my coffee' ,grinned and proceeded to the door.

A few doors down I hear a voice 'excuse me! miss!'
I turn around and its George! Bless him cos he ran out to give me a piece of chocolate and said that he hoped I'd be back.

Tomorrow then. xxW


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