Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OH Lordy.

There's a Neo-Noah in the Netherlands.

Here's the article. But for those who haven't got the time/inclination here's the run-down of the project:

  • Guy in Netherlands want to build 'replica' of Noah's Ark according to its description in the Bible.
  • Wants to 'renew interest in Christianity in the Netherlands'
  • Is aimed at children to show that the Ark is actually tangible and can exist.
  • Is going to be a floating zoo/tour/religeous pamphlet in your face, oh and a drink too, kinda thing.

Okay. I personally have nothing against proving that Noah's Ark did indeed exist, and that the sentiment behind it is.. well.. noble. But come on.

I must say though, that the estimated project cost at just under 1m Euros is quite impressive. That will get you glazed gallery walkway here, but lets not talk about that.

But the zoo bit is something I have a little bit of a problem with. They're planning to keep baby horses, lambs, chickens etc etc to save space. Now we know that we can keep all these animals in relatively small spaces and cause them no harm. But babies grow up do they not? Chicks become chickens and ponies become horses - where are they going to go then? Isn't it just a little mean to go, oh okay, I'm going to put these little animals in this boat (which, according to my memory have tiny little windows-no LIGHT!! YOU MONSTERS!)ahem, and then ship (pun intended) them off, to oh I dunno where?

That means that they can only keep a certain amount of animals in the boat (obviously) but correct me if I'm wrong but as nature and life have it, things multiply. Where do they go? It all seems like a lot of air and a big farce to me.

In the article the man who is building this ark, Johan Huibers is quoted as saying 'This will speak very much to children, they'll hear the creak of the wood smell the smell of the dung.' Great marketing strategy matey. Whether you're 13 or 31 you are going to hear and smell the same shit. And something tells me from your photo there that the openings aren't going to be quite big enough are they?

You've got to give the man credit for having ambition, because he so clearly does. Lets just hope that in a few years time his 'zoo' won't be reduced to a couple of stuffed animals with sound effects, eh?

moo. xxW


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