Friday, March 17, 2006

Pre-fab for Crabs

Hermit crabs have a gross shortage of homes. Check out this link for more info but for those who can't be arsed to read it this is the gist:

  • There aren't enough homes for hermit crabs perhaps due to seashell collectors and pollution.
  • Someone's come up with the idea to make some plastic homes for them which are meant to satisfy all the criteria that a hermit crab may want. i.e lightweight and durable etc etc
  • The building cost of these homes will be met by corporate sponsoring

Folkes, think of all the poor crabs who are wondering the beaches of the world looking for a home. Stop collecting seashells. The mental image of this poor little crab clutching onto its precious home is too much! I hope to dedicate.. well.. at leat 10% of my time when I'm qualified to the rehousing of crabs.

The plastic shelters might be lightweight and whatnot-but how about the bouyancy of the shells themselves? We wouldn't want schools of little plastic shells bobbing around the ocean now do we? Oh the images in my head are too much! haahHAha..

The article says that the crabs often exchange their shells depending on their size. So does that mean that the houses have to come in S,M,L,XL? Are hermit crabs in America bigger than hermit crabs from China? This I'd like to know.

And the corporate logos thing - can you just imagine this tiny little crab with his little man made house with oh I dunno, a Shell logo? Oh the irony. Then you'd have groups of these these crabs lumbering around our shores with logos or slogans with the more obvious health warning - 'Got Crabs?' call 0800-c-r-a-b-s

Don't get me wrong, I fully support the building of homes for the homeless hermits and hope to someday help house our little homeless friends. xxw


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