Monday, April 03, 2006

Beaches in Bintan with Bintang with an Olive and a Banana

Spent the weekend in Bintan lazing around the beach and catching up on some much awaited quality time with Kyle and his parents.

We stayed at a little beach resort where all the water sporting events happen so there was plenty to do in between naps and triple decker sandwiches. We ended up taking out a Sea Kayak and decided that Kyle and I were Olympic Champions in the making-until I had to get out and push the kayak when we got beached! Kyle took his mum snokelling for almost an hour too, which was quite a feat for her since she gets nervous in deeper waters!

One strange thing though, was there was a huge group of families where all the women were pregnant. eh??? And they all had toddlers around the same age. All boys too. Hmm. Ready made friends for when they grow older perhaps? The beach was full of pregnant ladies sun bathing which was an odd sight I have to say.

The service wasn't so great, but made for some funny conversation:
Olive: can I have a Bacardi and Coke please?
Waiter: Bintang for you?
Olive: no no, Bacardi-and-Coke.
Waiter: (eyebrows raised+silence)
Everyone looks at me.
Kyle: doodle?
Me: (long pause trying to think of how to order Bacardi and coke in Malay) aa..BA-kaaa-di and (almost said 'sama'-hAHhahAHAH) CO-ke?
Waiter: yes Bacardi-and-coke.

Oh the shame .

Pictures soon. Banana out. xxW


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