Thursday, March 30, 2006

Creepy Alien Sounds...

I was doing my usual rounds of
Bldgblog and Archinect today and looked up some of the articles that I had missed.

So this appeared to be quite boring to begin with as I'm not very intersted in weather monitoring at this moment in time. Basically the guy goes around recording stuff that you wouldn't normally hear this is what the article says:

Audible space weather appears, McGreevy explains, when energy from the sun "impacts Earth's Magnetosphere and generates lovely Aurora and Natural-Radio Signals." This topologically endless pressure-front between terrestrial energy and the radioactivity of the sun whistles, hisses and growls throughout McGreevy's MP3s.

Ok, enough with the yawning.

Listen to this

So you're thinking- ah so what? But imagine this guy is in dead silence in the middle of the desert. Seen that Bruce Willis film, Signs?

Creeppppy. Oh and if you have a minute check out the latest article in Bldgblog the images are beautiful.

Over and out. xxW


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