Thursday, January 24, 2008

Starting somewhere in the middle.

..and here we go.

Vietnam. Wandering around in the dark in Hanoi. London. Graduation. Mum and Dad. Greenwhich. Brighton. Usual end of december round-up. New Uke - yay! London. Panic. Screw panic lets go see fireworks. Climbing up a ladder to a roof on Leicester Sq. in a frou-frou skirt and heels in the rain to see fireworks. Making my train carriage sing Old Lang Syne without the words na na na stylee. More panic. panic panic panic. Pin-ups. PANIC PANIC. January Review. Essay. Twice. Breathe... Now panic. Dripping hot wax on myself. Slinging mud. Lying in mud. Eating mud due to slinging and lying.

So that about sums up where I left off sometime in November last year. Suffice to say its been all systems go since then. Going to Hanoi was the first of my worries since I wasn't prepared for what was to ensue. Field trips in Nottingham were more like short holidays with your schoolmates. Then in Westminster it was a working holiday.. slightly more work involved. I had no idea this time I'd be up all night or skipping a friend's birthday to be sat in my hotel room working on some plans. Still. Lesson learned. Move on.

The end of december was spent in denial about the masses of work that needed to be done. After all, I had just been told I was going to January Reviews. *ouch* Fair enough I thought, new student, not familiar with the table jury system. Go for a practice run. Just make sure there's enough work to go round. Done. Lesson learned. Move on.

Up until last week I've always been a card model, 3D model, anything that will fit on my desk model person. The dumbest thing I remember doing was bluffing a security guard at the tall building next to a construction site, syaing that I needed pictures into the site because I was an architect there. Next thing I know, I'm covering my bathroom wall with an old shower curtain, shivering, in my bikini, getting Kyle to sling some home-made mud at me. Perhaps the lesson on that one is lost on me. Still. Moving on.

So with a week left in January, lets just say that I'm not too fussed that its over soon. Might just see the new year in February.

Lessons learned:
1. It doesn't matter how convinced you are that you are going in the right direction someone is going to tell you otherwise.

2. Coming out for new years eve with friends is always a good idea whether you decide to spend one hour with them or 10 minutes.

3. Time spent with family is always worth the work panic after because you're going to wish you were with them anyway.

4. Digital TV makes for easier late nights. Can you say Recorded Boosh?!

So while the 24 days of January so far have been the toughest K and I have seen leaving us both pretty battered and bruised the lessons have been learned and its time to move on. xxw


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