Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dr.Gillian Would be Proud

For as long as I can remember I have never made new years resolutions. Its so true. Even when I was younger I never saw the point. I suppose I'm more of a... gradual changer rather than a page turner. Its never occured to me on the first of January to go 'Oh Crap. I'd better get my shit together.'

So yeah..

Don't get me wrong, I like to think I'm constantly changing and improving myself though and rather set myself ahievable goals within a time limit. So being January these are the goals I've set to reach by my birthday at least:

1. Be nicer - I've been pretty catty and viscous the past few weeks which isn't really like me at all. Its not fun and worse of all it hurts the people I love around me.

2. Read more - another simple one. I haven't picked up a book for months and I can feel the gray matter up there slowly deteriorating.

3. No carbs after 6 - this one is a no brainer although probably the toughest one!

4. Dance alot - This one relates to no.3 really.. but I think relates more to no.1 I'm a much nicer person when I'm calm. Dancing makes me calm.

But enough about that... Now that we're on the other side of december 31st I think its a good time to see what happened in 2005.

1. South east Asia is.. different. I've spent a proportionally greater length of time here in the past six months than the past three years. Brunei feels different.. more foreign. No wait. More... backward? I can't put a word to it.

2. I graduated - although unfortunately I'm still stuck with the student mentality of feeling that I'm better than everyone else, except this time I get to wave some piece of paper in their faces and blow raspberries. But seriously, lets face it I've still got more juice (creative that is) than the monkeys I'm working for whose often course of action once presented with something different is to say : 'Oh thats Weird' ( a word I HATE now.) then change things back to the norm. How sad it is in that world. I'm a stickler for the weird and wonderful, the fantastical and far out. These guys willingly got in the box then decided to nail it shut.

From the inside.

3. I started a blog - How very 2003 I hear you say? I guess in 2003 I was busy trying to get that degree I keep in my pocket just in case; just so i can get landed into a job like this that I'm too qualified for and spend half my time thinking of things to add to my blog in the first place. Hey, if you're going to pay peanuts you're going to get a monkey's work. Although unfortunately my landlord doesn't like it when he waits at my door then I open it just enough to pelt him with a handful of them then run away.

4. I spent half my year in the gym. Then spent the second half undoing it. Aaand we start again..

5. I stopped listening to stuff I thought was cool. Now I probably have the same taste in music as your disco dancing, jazz loving uncle.

6. I got my heart broken. Its been a year since I started my final project (for uni that is). If you weren't there or didn't go through it yourself or did go through it and managed to come out without some kind of stress-related illness consider yourself lucky. The hardest part of my life drawn out in six months that was. Then to find some guy walked in and stole my work. To put how much that hurt into perspective during the last three months - Eating was hard. Such a simple human activity which, normally, I quite enjoy; became an arduous chore that was done simply out of necessity. Sounds extreme I know but ask anyone and they will tell you the same. I think if I had to do that without Kyle I would have probably been one of the many who dropped out/dropped.

7. On a lighter, happier note, my sister got married and my baby niece was born- woo! :)

Now that I have sufficiently wasted your time today with my narcissistic ramblings - here's to 2006- all of it. xxW


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